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A Common Sense Approach to Self Reliance

OutbackWater is committed to providing ideas about how we can become more self reliant and in effect become less dependent on others. In the event of an emergency many of us are woefully unprepared. The goal of this blog is to share information to help participants be better prepared for either a short term emergency or better able to handle the impact of a longer lasting disaster. Much of what we share may simply be “common sense”, where other ideas may provide new information that can be used in your preparedness planning. We welcome both your feedback and any ideas that may prove to be helpful to others. As always, please remember that this is intended to be a constructive process, so please make sure all comments are civil and productive. We open the Self Reliance blog with a simple quiz. We will follow with monthly postings from our Self Reliance Planner. Each post will cover a simple but important topic that can be incorporated into your personal preparedness plan.