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All Replacement Parts

Simplicity is a focus in these products. None of us need to add complicated products to our already hectic and overloaded lives. So, by design, many of our Outback replacement filter components and parts are interchangeable between our various Gravity-PoweredTM systems. This keeps both operation and finding replacements simple and stress free. All of our filters are made here in the United States with our filter net and sleeve coming from our neighbor to the North - Canada.

  • Plastic water filter connector with female thread on one end and male threads on the other used with all Outback gravity flow water filtration and purification systems

    A critical part of the overall performance and design of the Outback system is the proprietary filter connector. The filter connector (FC-OB) is the key to ensure the filters are securely installed within any of the Outback... More Details

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  • Black plastic water dispensing spigot has flip or push down lever on top used with Outback gravity flow water purification systems

    Sold as a set the Outback HFSA spigot assembly contains the spigot body, threaded nut and 2 gaskets. The spigot assemblies are bagged with the installation instructions printed clearly on the outside of the bag. Field tested... More Details

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  • White fibrous filter sleeve fits Outback RF05-7 and NF7 filters sleeve removes unwanted sediment and debris down to 20 micron

    The filter sleeve is a form fitted felt filter bag. The 5 micron sleeve slides over the outer portion of the Outback’s primary filter. The sleeve acts as a second stage of filtration helping to capture smaller unwanted... More Details

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  • White Outback system porous nylon pre-filter net with elastic band rated at 100 micron

    The Outback’s pre-filter net (PFnet2) is a 100 micron fine filament poly mesh, designed for surface filtration where a defined pore size opening is critical. The polyester multifilament filtration net provides great... More Details

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  • Mini Outback gravity flow carbon based contaminate removal water filter with male threads for ease of installation

    When dealing with water of unknown quality having a little insurance never hurts. We use the compact chemical removal filter (RM200) in all of our Outback OB-22FF and OB-22NF models. This filter maybe small in size but it is... More Details

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  • Pleated Outback system gravity flow water filter removes bacteria and cysts

    A true work horse the RF05-7 is a pleated 7” 0.5 micron filter. With a rated capacity of over 20 gallons per day and performance results of greater than 99% removal of bacteria and cyst it is no wonder this is one of... More Details

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  • Standard Outback system gravity flow chemical removal water filter eliminates unwanted chemical contamination

    There is nothing quite like a product that exceed expectation. We new once the RM300 first came off the production line we had a winner. This 40 plus cubic inch selective media contaminant removal filter with is slow flow,... More Details

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  • Gravity flow non electric pleated electro adhesion and ultra-filtration water purification filter capable of removing bacteria, cysts and virus

    The top dog of gravity powered purification filters, our primary filter (NF7) show test results that meet or exceeds all of the United States EPA standards needed to be considered a water purifier. Tested using GTW-3 quality... More Details

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Volume pricing available to Groups, Organizations and Institutions for the purchase of 10 or more of The Outbackā„¢ Purification Systems