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Rack Mounted Ultra Violet Systems

OutbackWater Rack-Mount UV systems help to eliminate much of the guess work in making a UV buying decision. These ultraviolet systems come complete with the pre-filtration necessary to remove sediment and debris before the water enters the UV disinfection chamber. Removing this sediment and debris eliminates the risk of what is commonly referred to as "shadowing". Shadowing occurs when microorganisms actually pass through the UV chamber in the "shadow" of sediment or debris, thereby avoiding exposure to the UV light. (The particles of sediment or dirt block the UV light from reaching or contacting the microorganisms.) The all-in-one UV rack-mount systems are easy to install. All you need to do is make two simple connections (inlet and outlet) and plug it in to a standard AC power source.

Volume pricing available to Groups, Organizations and Institutions for the purchase of 10 or more of The Outbackā„¢ Purification Systems