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  • Ultraviolet lamp with red base, lamp provides the required UV energy to complete the disinfection process

UV Replacement Lamp RL-950HW With Red Base For LBH4-401-HW, LBH5-401-HW, LBH6-401-HW


Product Description

The RL-950HW UV replacement lamp fits the Outback and the Luminor LBH4-401-HW, LBH5-401-HW, LBH6-401-HW ultraviolet systems.

  • LP-HO (low pressure high output) UV lamps for hot water disinfection (254 nm output)
  • Color coded red base and etched part# for easy identification
  • Lamp rated for 10,000 hours or one year of continuous use, protected with a one year warranty
  • Original manufacturers’ replacement lamp with proprietary coating for uniform output
  • Meets U.S. TCLP compliance regulations
  • Length (base face to base): 37.4”
  • Lamp watts: 101

Watch this video for simple UV Lamp change instructions.


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