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  • UV water disinfection sensor fits normal and hot water products reads the UV light intensity inside the systems reactor chamber
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UV Replacement Sensor RSHO-B3.5 For LBH5 and LBH6, Models 251 and 251HW, 401 and 401HW


Product Description

The RSHO-B3.5 UV intensity sensor module fits the Outback and Luminor HO (High Output) is for “Normal” and “Hot Water” products, LBH5 and LBH6-251, LBH5 and LBH6-401, LBH5 and LBH6-251-HW, LBH5 and LBH6-401-HW ultraviolet systems. This includes all of the NSF Standard 55 Class B systems.

  • 254nm Teflon based UV sensor with 4-20 mA output capabilities
  • Free floating design eliminates cable twisting
  • Keyed design for optimum sensor positioning
  • Easy installation via Teflon glow plug port
  • Power provide through IEP (infinite expandability port)
  • Watertight design
  • Protected by a one year warranty
  • Factory calibrated for accurate intensity reading

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